What is CBG? Well you may have already heard about the new cannabinoid on the block, CBG, or Cannabigerol.

It is one of the over 120 known cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, and cannabinoid enthusiasts and scientists alike are now saying that it could be as effective as it’s more famous cousin, CBD.

In this article we’ll go in-depth to answer the question of what is CBG and compare this cannabinoid to CBD in its ability to support a healthy body and mind.

Let’s start with the basics.

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What is CBG?


CBG, also known as Cannabigerol, is a compound known as a cannabinoid.

It is one of over 120 known cannabinoids that naturally occur in cannabis plants.

CBG is especially remarkable as when it is in the cannabis plant it actually creates the other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

During the cannabis plant’s growth cycle, almost all of the CBG synthesises into the other cannabinoids. Most of the CBG turns to CBD and THC, which are the most dominant cannabinoids in the plant.

Because of this CBG is often referred to as the ‘Mother Cannabinoid’ or the ‘stem cell’. It is the molecule that all other cannabinoids originate from. Like a stem cell, it morphs into other molecules to create a symphony of cannabinoids.

So it is no wonder why researchers are becoming increasingly interested in CBG. It synthesizes into all the other cannabinoids, making it a unique molecule that may be as game-changing as CBD.

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What is the difference between CBG and CBD?

Now we’ve answered the question of what is CBG and how it relates to the other cannabinoids. Now let’s take a look at the difference between CBG and the more well-known CBD.

CBD is also a cannabinoid. It has become of the world’s most talked about, written about and tweeted about supplements due to its remarkable ability to support physical and mental health.

Let’s look at how they both compare.

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The differences between CBG and CBD

They are both non-intoxicating

For many years people referred to CBD as ‘non-psychoactive’. However more recently there has been debate about whether or not that is entirely true. CBD may have very mild psychoactive effects. Which is why many people use CBD to support a healthy mind and regular sleep.

But any psychoactive effects that either CBD or CBG have are very mild and in most instances indetectable. Neither CBD or CBG have the ability to make you feel high, stoned, or zoned out.

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CBG is harder to produce

In comparison with CBD extracts, CBG extracts are more difficult and expensive to produce.

This is because the concentrations of CBG in cannabis plants are a lot lower than CBD.

Once CBG has done its thing and synthesised into the other cannabinoids such as CBD, there isn’t really much CBG left in the cannabis plant.

Therefore, in order to make CBG extract, a lot more cannabis plants need to be used.

In order to make a CBG extract, the cannabis plants must be processed through various stages to isolate the CBG. The result will be either a resin-like substance known as a broad-spectrum extract, or a white powder/crystal substance known as an isolate.

‘Broad spectrum’ CBG extracts are made of mostly CBG but have small amounts of the other cannabinoids too. CBG isolate is 99.99% pure CBG and contains no other material.

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The process is very similar to how CBD extracts are made, but more costly since so much cannabis has to be used to create the same amount of extract.

As a result, at the moment CBG is highly valuable.

One way of increasing the yield of CBG is to harvest the cannabis plants earlier in their growth cycle. This works because at this time less of the CBG has turned to CBD and THC, so more CBG is available.

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The Benefits of CBG vs CBD

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Because CBG is ‘the mother cannabinoid’ many believe that it could be the next big cannabinoid to be used as a supplement.

Since research in the field is very new, no clinical trials have been conducted to investigate any potential benefits of CBG.

However, since CBG is the cannabinoid from which all others originate from, it behaves very similarly to CBD. It is therefore likely to be a very powerful supplement that could help support a healthy body and mind.

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How to use CBG

The best way to use CBG is to use a CBD oil that contains it.

Real, full spectrum CBD oil will contain CBG in small amounts. Broad spectrum CBD oils will as well. CBD oils made with CBD isolate will not have any CBG as they contain no cannabinoids besides CBD.

By using a CBD oil that contains CBG, you are covering all bases and optimising your cannabinoid supplement experience.

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Where to find CBG containing CBD oils in the UK

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