In this article we’re going to get into organic CBD oil, and why it is favourable to non-organic CBD oil.

Why is organic CBD oil better than non-organic?

Organic CBD oil is superior to non-organic for one significant reason: antioxidants.

Antioxidants are what make CBD oil such a powerful supplement. Antioxidants have enormous benefits for the human body in a multitude of ways.

CBD’s antioxidant properties are the key driving force behind its efficacy. And organic vs conventional farming has a huge impact on antioxidant density in plants.

So the difference between organic CBD oil and conventional CBD oil could be huge in terms of efficacy and quality.

Let’s look at just how important the relationship is between organic growing and antioxidant density in plants.

Organic growing and its effects on antioxidants

In a quantitative study carried out by scientists at Washington State University found that on average organically grown plants contained at least 33% more antioxidants than conventionally grown.

In several trials antioxidant levels were found to be 2 or 3 times higher in the organic group.

In fruits and vegetables, this of course is a good thing.

But when it comes to CBD oil, a concentrated supplement, numbers like this make an enormous impact. We cannot stress enough how important antioxidants are in CBD oil!

It’s factors like antioxidant density that makes a premium CBD oil that is effective and worth your money, because it’s going to have more impact as a supplement.

The use of pesticides for cannabis plants

Cannabidiol CBD oil is made from cannabis plants, which can be marijuana or hemp, as both are rich in CBD.

The use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers on cannabis plants has been a point of contention in the industry for quite some time.

This is because there are still no approved pesticides or fertilizers for cannabis plants.

Pesticide policy is usually rigorously tested before approval, but resistance to legalisation has meant no pesticides have been officially approved. And with no regulation, cannabis growers are not being held accountable for their use of potentially dangerous chemicals.

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The use of pesticide remediation technology for cannabis

When non-organic cannabis growers are forced to use unregulated pesticides on their crops, they resort to pesticide remediation technology.

Producers take their cannabis crop that has been sprayed with pesticides and use various technologies to remove said pesticides after the fact.

This is where several issues arise. Producers of cannabis extracts are relying too heavily on these technologies, and using pesticides more aggressively because of false promises of being able to remove them later.

But no research has looked into pesticide remediation technology and how well it works for cannabis plants. So, cannabis plants could be being aggressively treated with pesticides and these technologies may not work as well as was once thought.

Therefore one should always be wary of conventionally grown cannabis if you are concerned about pesticides and fertilizers.

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Where can you find organic CBD oil?

Well, you can visit the Aura store, for starters. All our CBD is made with organically grown cannabis, and 100% organic ingredients, sourced in Europe and the United States.

But what is most important for you to know is what kind of CBD oil not to buy.

Very cheap CBD oil can be tempting, but is a false economy. And high quality, effective CBD oil doesn’t need to be expensive, either.

Our range at Aura has always been competitively priced even though our extracts are premium grade, and that’s because we chose a business model based on customer satisfaction.

Don’t buy CBD on Amazon!

The next time you see CBD oil for sale on Amazon, don’t be lured by their cheap CBD oil.

Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of CBD, so people are literally putting hemp seed oil in a bottle, calling it hemp extract, and charging you £20.00 for what would cost you 10p in a supermarket. We’re not kidding.

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In summary, when you buy CBD oil online, make sure you go to a trusted retailer, preferably that specialises in CBD products, with organic CBD extracts.

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