What is CBD bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee has become a breakfast favourite amongst people following the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and anyone trying to cut down their carb intake.

The idea behind bulletproof coffee is that because it is so high in fat with an added caffeine boost, it gives you a huge hit of slow-release energy.

However, there is one thing that bulletproof coffee is missing, and that’s antioxidants.

Adding CBD to your bulletproof coffee is one of the smartest things you can do to support your wellbeing. It means that you get all the fat-burning, energy-boosting benefits of bulletproof coffee AND all the antioxidant benefits of CBD.

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What is CBD bulletproof coffee made of?

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The ingredients of bulletproof coffee vary from person to person, but all have the same basic foundation; coffee, and high-quality fat.

Some examples of the fat sources that are typically added to bulletproof coffee are grass-fed butter, ghee (clarified butter used in Indian cuisine), and MCT oil (typically from coconut oil).

CBD bulletproof coffee has an additional supplement of CBD, which adds a ton of antioxidants and cannabinoids into the mix. We recommend a water-soluble CBD in MCT oil, like our CORE CBD Instant Support Spray 1000 mg.

Below we share both a non-vegan and vegan bulletproof coffee recipe, but first let’s discuss the benefits of CBD bulletproof coffee.

The benefits of CBD bulletproof coffee

Slow-release energy

The combination of high-quality fats and caffeine provides a massive hit of slow- release energy. Old-school nutritional advice has always been that fat = BAD. But research shows us time and time again that it’s not so black and white.

The truth is, high-quality fats like organic dairy, coconut oil, nuts, and organic fats from meat such as bacon and beef steak are energy dense. This means that we need to consume less of them in order to get the same amount of energy as, say, a plate of pasta.

Fats don’t give us the rush and crash cycle that carbohydrates do. Once consumed by the body, carbohydrates turn to sugar to be burned for short-lived energy. The result? A food-coma, food-baby, sugar-crash feeling.

Bonus tip: food combining

Food combining is important. Research has shown us that it’s all about how you combine your foods. For example, saturated fats behave differently in the body when consumed alongside carbohydrates. There’s a lot of fat in a donut, but there’s also a TON of carbs. You could eat a 450-calorie donut, or a 650-calorie steak, and the donut would be more likely to cause weight gain because of the macronutrient ratio. It is also this relationship that makes foods like donuts addictive.

It can help you lose weight with the power of MCT

How can CBD bulletproof coffee make you lose weight? It can make you feel fuller for longer, as well as causing a state of ketosis.

The MCT oil in bulletproof coffee is what makes you feel fuller, longer. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. The length of the chain of fat is what causes the body to metabolise these fats differently. This causes you to feel fuller for longer.

Your body uses the calories from MCT oil quickly, so they don’t get stored as fat on the body.

MCT oil also produces ketones, which are released when the body digests fat without carbohydrates. This is the driving force of the ketogenic diet, which has helped millions of people with various conditions ranging from obesity, to multiple sclerosis to epilepsy.

This is why we decided to create our entire CORE CBD range using only MCT oil – making it perfect for post-workout recovery, and those following a low or zero carb diet.

The CBD adds phytonutrients and antioxidants

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CBD is an amazing addition to bulletproof coffee, since bulletproof coffee has no phytonutrients in it.

CBD is packed full of antioxidants and cannabinoids, adding the nutrients that are missing in bulletproof coffee.

It means that you can get the antioxidant-benefits of a green smoothie in your bulletproof coffee – as well as the fat-burning benefits of MCT – in one hit.

CBD bulletproof coffee can also be a great breakfast for post-workout recovery and hypertrophy (how the body builds muscle), due to its antioxidant rich nature.

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How to add CBD to bulletproof coffee

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Without a doubt the best way to add CBD to your bulletproof coffee is to use a water-soluble CBD oil. These have increased bioavailability and dissolve completely in the coffee. This prevents the oil just sitting on the surface of the coffee and ending up on your top lip instead of in your system.

Water-soluble CBD is up to 10 times more bioavailable than regular CBD, making it perfect for adding to drinks as an instant CBD hit.

Any CBD oil made with MCT oil is also going to be an excellent choice as these are slow release fats with high bioavailability, used by the body immediately. A genuine CBD oil made with MCT is quite a rare thing in the UK, so we decided to make a whole range of them. Check out the innovative CORE CBD range here.

Our CORE Instant CBD Support Spray is water soluble and made with MCT oil. It comes in a convenient spray bottle so is ideal for adding to bulletproof coffee, protein shakes and smoothies. It can also be sprayed directly under the tongue for instant CBD on the go.

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How to make CBD bulletproof coffee for non-vegans

To make CBD bulletproof coffee you’ll need a blender. Blending will make your bulletproof coffee look like a beautiful latte. If you don’t have a blender, you can hand stir, but the fat will settle on the top.

You will need to make up some coffee as normal and pour it into your blender.

Then add two heaped tablespoons of grass-fed butter, (preferably organic) or ghee. Add another two heaped tablespoons of MCT oil or coconut oil. (Coconut oil is naturally rich in MCTs, but the MCTs can be extracted to make MCT oil. It’s up to you which you choose).

Blend it all together and you’ll see that the butter acts like milk normally would, making a smooth, creamy latte.

Pour your coffee into a cup and spray 1-2 pumps of CORE CBD Instant Support Spray and stir. Alternatively, add standard CBD oil but know that it won’t dissolve and will mostly sit on the top.

How to make CBD bulletproof coffee for vegans

The vegan version of CBD bulletproof coffee is the same as above, but instead of adding butter or ghee, you’ll be adding coconut milk or coconut cream. You can also add an additional tablespoon of almond butter if you’re feeling fancy.

(Bear in mind that coconut cream does have a little bit of carbs, about 6g per 100ml.)

CORE CBD at Aura

At Aura CBD Oil UK we’re incredibly excited about our brand-new CORE CBD range.

Seeing a huge gap in the market for genuine, effective THC-free CBD oils, we decided to create CORE. With CORE you can trust the extracts contain no THC and therefore are perfect for those who are sensitive to THC. The range is also perfect for people who are routinely drug tested such as police officers or competitive athletes.

We made CORE with MCT oil exclusively to make it perfect in aiding post-workout recovery and fat-burning.

If you have any questions about the CORE range or anything we do at Aura, you can email us at info@auracbdoil.com or send us a message on Facebook.

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