CBD oil is known for being one of the world’s most powerful food supplements.

Made from hemp plants, its active ingredient CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid like THC. But CBD, unlike THC, does not have any strong psychoactive effects and does not make you ‘high’.

Since CBD oil now comes in so many forms, many people are wondering is CBD oil natural?

In this article we’ll explain in detail about the different kinds of CBD oil and whether or not they are all natural.

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Is CBD oil natural?

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When it comes to the question ‘is CBD oil natural?’ it depends on the type of CBD oil.

The short answer is, yes, most CBD oil is natural. But there are some instances where production methods mean the lines are blurred.

Another thing to consider when asking if CBD oil is natural is that current medical research is using synthetic CBD to determine its safety and efficacy.

Next we’ll outline the different kinds of CBD oil, and whether or not they can be considered 100% natural.

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What is 100% natural CBD oil?

Besides from synthetic CBD oil, which we’ll get to later, all CBD extracts technically come from 100% natural origin, unless synthetic sweeteners, flavours or preservatives have been added.

That is because they all come from the same place; hemp plants.

However, some forms of CBD extract are much more processed than others, so even though they are made from hemp plants, and so have natural origin, they don’t really feel, taste or look natural and are far from their plant origin.

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What is full spectrum CBD oil?

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Full spectrum CBD oil is CBD extract in its most natural form. It has undergone minimal processing during the extraction process.

Hemp plants undergo a process called supercritical CO2 extraction to create a CBD extract. The CBD extract comes in the form of a thick, greenish brown CBD paste. These extracts go up to around 30% CBD.

The reason why full spectrum CBD oil has its name is because it contains a full spectrum of all the plant chemicals naturally occurring in hemp and cannabis plants.

That includes other cannabinoids such as THC and CBG, flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals and chlorophyll.

It is for this reason that full spectrum CBD oil is generally considered the most ‘natural’ type of CBD oil, as it is the closest to the natural composition of hemp plants. Unless something else has been added, it is the most unadulterated form of CBD extract available.

Our full spectrum CBD oil contains just two ingredients: organic CBD extract and organic, cold-pressed hempseed oil. We never add anything to our CBD oils, so all you’re getting is organic, CBD-rich hemp and nothing else.

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What is CBD distillate?

CBD distillate is made by taking full spectrum CBD extract and processing it further using distillation to remove the THC. The resulting product is a sticky resin that is usually amber, yellow or clear in colour. The process intensifies the concentration of CBD so the extract can be up to 80% CBD.

CBD distillate is often referred to as ‘broad spectrum’ CBD extract because it still contains most of the phytochemicals that naturally occur in hemp and cannabis plants, but in very small quantities compared with full spectrum, and the THC has been removed completely. So instead of being ‘full’ spectrum, its ‘broad’ spectrum.

Again, CBD distillate is a natural product made from 100% naturally derived ingredients (unless something synthetic is added as a flavour or preservative).

However, every time a CBD extract is processed the final product becomes less and less like the natural ingredients.

So while CBD oils that are made with CBD distillate are still natural, in our opinion they are less natural than full spectrum CBD extract that have been less processed.

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What is CBD isolate?


CBD isolate is made by taking a distilled CBD extract and processing it even further using chromatography.

Chromatography allows chemists to remove all organic matter from the extract besides the CBD itself, resulting in a fine white powder or crystal. CBD isolate is a 99% pure form of CBD extract.

At this point the CBD extract has been so far removed from the plant itself that its hard to imagine that this white powder was once hemp.

CBD isolate can be useful because it is water soluble, and very pure. That is why it is used to make CBD vape products.

Although CBD isolate is natural, all organic matter has been removed and so has the appearance, smell and texture of a chemical.

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What is synthetic CBD?

So we’ve talked about the various ‘natural’ forms of CBD, some of them less true to nature than others.

But now researchers at the University of California have discovered that synthetic CBD may also be effective.

This is unsurprising, as the pharmaceutical industry often creates synthetic versions of natural compounds for use in pharmaceutical drugs.

This is because synthetic compounds are less expensive and faster to produce and are more consistent than natural substances that vary from plant to plant. But if we’re being honest, its mostly just about money.

The University of California research team have called the synthetic CBD ‘H2CBD’.

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H2CBD: The Synthetic CBD

Researchers have found a way to create synthetic H2CBD without the use of hemp or cannabis plants.

During animal studies carried out on rats, researchers found that H2CBD was just as effective as natural CBD for treating epilepsy in rats.

They also discovered that due to the synthetic nature of H2CBD, they were able to remove the sedative effects that are sometimes associated with natural CBD. This is because H2CBD, unlike real CBD, does not partially convert to THC in a person’s stomach.

The research is still in its infancy, and so little is known about the safety and efficacy of H2CBD in humans.

In our opinion, whenever chemists create a synthetic version of something natural, along with the economic and practical advantages come side effects and a reduction in efficacy of the product. Or in the case of recreational use, we see that synthetic cannabinoids, or ‘Spice’, have devastating side effects in comparison with cannabis use.

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Where to buy organic, full spectrum, whole-plant CBD oil

At Aura CBD Oil UK we have helped thousands of people across the globe create their own wellbeing, naturally.

Our CBD oils, pastes, balms and edibles are always 100% natural, organic, whole plant and full spectrum extracts made from European hemp.

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