Over the years we’ve seen a lot of confusion about CBD paste. CBD oil is by far the most versatile and popular form of CBD supplement, but did you know there are several ways to take CBD, including CBD paste?

In this article we’ll explain what CBD paste is, and answer the question: is CBD paste better than CBD oil?

What is CBD paste?

CBD paste is the raw material used to make CBD oils, balms and edibles.

It is a CBD extract that is made from hemp plants. It is essentially hemp plants that have undergone processes to intensify the CBD content of the plants.

It is usually a thick, dark green paste with a strong earthy smell.

Is CBD paste better than CBD Oil?

cbd oil

Whether or not CBD paste is better than CBD oil depends on your individual needs. In our experience, there are some instances where CBD oil is best, and others where CBD paste is more suitable.

CBD paste typically contains more CBD than CBD oil, and so this means you have to use less CBD paste to get the same amount of CBD in your system.

That is because CBD oil is made from CBD paste – CBD paste is simply the raw material used to make CBD oil. It is dissolved into a carrier oil, usually hempseed oil, to make an oil consistency that is more versatile and tastes better than the paste.

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You need to use less CBD paste than you would an oil, so it is more economical, even if the initial price is higher.

The downside of CBD paste is its strong, earthy taste and aroma. CBD oil, on the other hand still has the same taste but toned down several notches!

It is also not really all that suitable for travelling because of its resemblance to cannabis resin, and the fact it usually comes in an oral syringe. Although it is legal to travel with CBD oil in the UK the appearance of CBD paste could cause you some problems as opposed to CBD oil, which just comes in a dropper bottle.

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The difference between CBD paste and CBD oil

There is really only one difference between CBD paste and CBD oil. They are essentially made of the same thing.

CBD oil is in fact made of CBD paste – CBD paste is the undiluted CBD extract made by supercritical CO2 extraction. It is the raw material from which all of our organic, full spectrum CBD products are made.

Below is an explanation of the processes used to make both CBD paste and CBD oil.

How is CBD paste made?

Our whole-plant CBD paste is made by taking organic, whole CBD-rich hemp plants and processing them using supercritical CO2. The whole plant is used, not just the stems but the buds too, which is why we call it ‘whole-plant’.

This extraction method creates a CBD extract by removing a large proportion of the other constituents of the extract, so that the paste is CBD-dominant.

However, this processing method still retains all the other cannabinoids. It also retains other important phytochemicals such as terpenes, fatty acids, flavonoids, chlorophyll and essential vitamins and minerals – that all have known health benefits such as anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties.

That is why our CBD paste is full spectrum, because it still contains a full spectrum of all the important phytochemicals naturally occurring in hemp and cannabis plants.

How is CBD oil made?

CBD oil is made by taking the CBD paste just described above and mixing it into a carrier oil to make it more versatile and easier to use. Our carrier oil is organic, cold-pressed hempseed oil, as it should be. However, some CBD companies might use other oils such as sunflower or olive.

When should you use CBD paste?

CBD paste is perfect for people who are looking to get more bang for their buck. The price point of organic CBD paste at first looks more expensive than oil, but since you’ll use a lot less of it at a time, it is more economical.

It also typically contains more CBD than CBD oil, so is good for anyone looking to use a more concentrated CBD supplement.

It is important that you don’t mind the earthy taste of CBD, as CBD paste is very rich and has a strong smell and taste.

How to use CBD paste?

The best way to use CBD paste is by taking a grain of rice sized amount and holding it under the tongue for 3 minutes or so until the paste has mostly dissolved.

This means that the paste can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the mucous membranes in the mouth. The paste therefore bypasses the digestive tract and more of the supplement is retained by the body. This is also the best way to use any CBD supplement, including CBD oil.

Where to buy organic, full spectrum CBD paste and oil

At Aura CBD Oil UK we have helped thousands of people across the world create their own wellbeing, naturally.

Our CBD oils, pastes, balms and edibles are and always will be organic, whole-plant, full spectrum CBD extracts made from CBD-rich European hemp.

If you have any questions about CBD you can email us at info@auracbdoil.com, or send us a message on Facebook.

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