There’s a lot of talk in the world of CBD about the different types of CBD oil and their various properties.

Many people, us included, believe that the most beneficial form of CBD oil is full spectrum CBD oil, because it contains a vibrant host of phytonutrients that naturally occur in hemp and cannabis plants.

Of these phytonutrients, perhaps the most raved about are cannabis terpenes and flavonoids. But what are cannabis terpenes and flavonoids?

In this article we’ll explain what cannabis terpenes and flavonoids are, their benefits.  We’ll also go into how to make sure your CBD oil contains as much of them as possible.

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What are cannabis terpenes and flavonoids?

First of all, let’s answer the question: what are cannabis terpenes and flavonoids?

Cannabis terpenes and flavonoids are a type of plant chemical derived from hemp and cannabis plants.

Terpenes and flavonoids are not exclusive to hemp and cannabis, however. They exist all throughout nature.

Terpenes and flavonoids are responsible for creating taste, smell and colour in many plant species.

Also, terpenes and flavonoids are not specific to certain plants either. For example, a well-known terpene called pinene, that is dominant in pine trees, also occurs in cannabis and hemp plants.

Therefore when we say ‘cannabis terpenes and flavonoids’, we aren’t talking about plant chemicals that only exist in cannabis sativa. We’re talking about the specific blend of these terpenes and flavonoids that create the unique flavour, smell, colour and phytonutrient profile of cannabis and hemp.

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What are cannabis terpenes?

So we’ve outlined how terpenes are a type of phytochemical that create smell and taste in plants.

Cannabis terpenes are synthesised in the leaves and flowers and are most abundant in organic, whole plant, full spectrum CBD extracts like ours.

Here is a quick list of the terpenes present in hemp and cannabis plants and their extracts such as CBD oil. Afterwards we’ll go into more detail about the benefits of each one.

  1. Myrcene
  2. Pinene
  3. Limonene
  4. Linalool
  5. Eucalyptol

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What are cannabis flavonoids?

So we’ve already explained that flavonoids are a class of phytochemical present in plants.

In the hemp/cannabis plant, flavonoids are present throughout the plant but are mostly concentrated in the flowers and leaves. There are no flavonoids present in the seeds or the roots of cannabis sativa, and so standard hempseed cooking oil does not contain flavonoids.

Flavonoids, like terpenes, are most abundant in organic, full spectrum whole plant extracts like ours at Aura.

Again, here is a quick list of the flavonoids present in hemp and cannabis plants and their extracts, including CBD oil. Below we’ll go into more detail about each one.

  1. Cannflavine A
  2. Cannflavine B
  3. Cannflavine C
  4. Vitexin
  5. Isovitexin
  6. Apigenin
  7. Kaempferol
  8. Quercetin
  9. Luteolin
  10. Orientin

What are cannabis terpenes and flavonoids beneficial for?

So now you know what cannabis terpenes and flavonoids are, what are cannabis terpenes and flavonoids beneficial for?

What are cannabis terpenes beneficial for?

Here we’ll list the cannabis terpenes and talk about some of their benefits.

Myrcene is a terpene present in hemp and cannabis plants. It is the dominant component of thyme essential oil. Myrcene is known to have anti-inflammatory and anticatabolic properties.

Another cannabis terpene is pinene, which is the main component in pine essential oil. It is easily absorbed by the body and has known anti-inflammatory effects.

The third cannabis terpene is limonene. Limonene is the dominant terpene in lime essential oil and is also present in citrus fruit peels. It is the most common terpene in nature. Limonene, like the other terpenes mentioned here, also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It also is an antioxidant, helping to protect the body from damaging free radicals.

Our next cannabis terpene is linalool. This is most present in lavender essential oils, but is also present in cannabis sativa. Linalool is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as calming, mild sedative effects.

What are cannabis flavonoids beneficial for?

Cannflavins A, B and C all have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

These flavonoids also have a prominent synergistic relationship with CBD. This means that the cannflavins work in synergy with CBD in the body to maximise the CBD’s ability to help maintain a healthy body and mind.

That is why we think its so crucial to use a full spectrum CBD oil. Although other forms of CBD extract such as isolate or broad spectrum can give you a higher yield of CBD, you really miss out on the benefits of other phytonutrients and the relationship they have with each other.

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Where to find terpene and flavonoid rich CBD oil

As we’ve already mentioned, to get the most out of your CBD oil in terms of phytonutrients, you need an organic, whole plant, full spectrum CBD oil.

Full spectrum CBD oils contain a full spectrum of all the phytonutrients in cannabis sativa plants. That includes CBD as well as a host of terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.

(It’s also important to mention here that raw CBD oils like our 20% and 30% Raw CBD Drops have an even higher proportion of terpenes and flavonoids because none of the phytonutrients have been lost in any kind of heating process.)

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At Aura CBD Oil UK our CBD oils, pastes, balms, edibles and skincare are all made with 100% organic, whole plant, full spectrum CBD extracts made from European cannabis sativa plants.

If you have any questions about what we do at Aura send us an email at info@auracbdoil.com or send us a message on Facebook.

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