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Many are discovering the benefits of vaping CBD.  Aura CBD Oil has researched long and hard to bring you high quality and safe CBD Vape products which you can incorporate into your own lifestyle for an alternative take on your physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you are looking to relax or use CBD for remedy – Aura CBD has a product for everyone.


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Aura CBD Oil provide a truly special and high quality CBD oil built especially for the purpose of vaping, with this cbd vape oil being some of the top quality CBD oil for vaping available in the UK. Many people want to vaporize CBD Oil, and many will try using conventional CBD oil for this, using CBD oil made specifically for vaping like these products, will allow for a far improved vaping experience, allowing you to truly receive the benefits you would get from vaping CBD oil, while also being healthy and non harmful, as this oil is made specifically for vaping.

For those who want to vape CBD oil in the UK, this is the product for you! Many people ask if cbd vape oil will get you high, which the answer is quite simply: no. THC is the thing inside cannabis that gives the user of the substance the “high” that you think of, without that, you will get the benefits of vaping cbd oil with no high! Perfect for those on the go. The CBD oil for vaping that Aura CBD Oil produce is top quality and is bound to give you all of the expected benefits of vaping the oil!

What our customers say.

Mick Brown

Just wanted to say to anyone who's a bit unsure, don't be.... aura natural health answered my questions clearly and in a way I could understand, once placing my order it arrived next day and I'm 100% satisfied. Would definitely recommend aura natural health and will look forward to future purchases 
Thank you so much

Lynda Walker

Aura is amazing, always there to give advice , I have been using the oil for many reasons and feel that it helps and will use again- thanks so much

Robert Schiewy

Great oil 
I've bought it for my kids and tried when not stoned and was amazing feeling of relaxation but not stoned.
My partner she has said exactly the same

Lindsay Ann Stainton

Absolutely fantastic, three different areas I have noticed change from cbd oil in a short amount of time. Recommend to all. Thank you Aura x

Donna Palfrey

Amazing stuff iv had psoriasis for 9 years I can now see normal skin coming through!

Helzinky Taylor

Brilliant product, I will be back. Thank you very much 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will i get 'High'?

No, CBD had no psychoactive effect.

Are CBD and THC the same thing?

No, CBD is legal and non psychoactive, THC is currently illegal and causes a high.

Is CBD safe to use?

Yes CBD is safe and gentle to use.

How does cannabidiol/CBD oil work?

Please see our blog for an explanation on the endocannabinoid system.

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